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Operator Managed Assisted Conference Calls

Better Pricing

Share your existing invoice with us or fill out the quick form below with your current rates and fees.  We promise that we will save you money on your Operator Managed Conference Call Services.

We have Bundled Rates

Do you love Online Host Controls where you can see and manage who has joined your Operator Managed Conference Call, but hate paying the $150 for this service?    With our Bundled Pricing, host controls are included at no additional charge (as well as the participant listing, Click to Join URL, and more).

Cancellation Fees Can be "In the Past"

If your company is being inundated with cancellation fees on your conference call services?  Let us structure your rates so cancellation fees are in the past.

Next Steps

  1. Contact us at Sales@ccrsllc.net or Call 888-269-8881.
  2. We will review your current rates on your conference call services.
  3. You will receive a proposal with specially negotiated rates based on your specific needs.
  4. Yes, it's that simple...  No Obligation

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