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  At  Conferencing Cost Reduction Specialists, we warmly welcome you as our  customer, knowing your expectations will be met and even exceeded as  we pride  ourselves on the level of work that we do for our customers.

 We  are an Audio, Web, and Video Conferencing Service consulting and brokerage firm  representing the majority of Global and Domestic mission critical  providers.  In our business model, our fiduciary duty is to our clients  and not the providers we represent.   As  an added benefit, we are a partner in the largest conferencing buying  group in the country; this further enables us to extend the most  aggressive rates available. 

We provide:

  • Expertise
  • Independence
  • Guidance for Customers
  • Customer Service
  • Deployment

What WE Do



  • Experts in the Industry
  • Provide Guidance to Our Customers
  • Configure Accounts for Maximized Savings
  • Secure Special Rates
  • Waive Revenue Enhancing Fees
  • Provide Exceptional Customer Support
  • We have the Audio, Web, and Video Technical Knowledge you are seeking.
  • Our Customers are placed with the Provider to Best Meet THEIR Specific Conferencing Needs.
  • There is NO cost to Our Customers to work with us.
  • We are Advocates for Our Customers


Next Steps


  1. Contact us by Calling 888-269-8881 or via email at Sales@ccrsllc.net
  2. Tell us what services you need.
  3. Are you seeking lower pricing or better technology?
  4. Yes, it's that simple.

Providers we Represent



We represent the majority of Global and Domestic Audio, Web, and Video Conferencing providers to Include...

  • InterCall/West
  • PGi (formerly Premiere Global Services)
  • Adobe Connect (Clarix Technologies, Inc.)
  • WebEx (Via Several Providers)
  • Level 3 (formerly Global Crossing)
  • CallTower (formerly SoundConnect)
  • A+ Conferencing
  • StartMeeting
  • More...

This affords us the ability to place you with the appropriate provider that will best meet your unique needs.

Video Conferencing Service

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