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Our Pledge to YOU


  • Your Company will be placed with the best provider based on YOUR needs, as we represent the majority of Global Providers.

  • Your Company WILL Save Money.

  • Your Company will NEVER be charged for our services.

  • Revenue Enhancing Fees will be WAIVED

  • We will be available to you as a RESOURCE on an ongoing basis.

  • We proactively Waive Revenue enhancing fees to include "Per Conference Minimums" and Service Fees (some providers have up to 3 Service Fees).

  • We research compare the Industry so you don't have to!




“Linda has been a true pleasure to work with since our very first conversation. Her response is always immediate. She goes above and beyond no matter what the request or circumstance. Perhaps most important, she has made the adoption and implementation of PGi for my company, which has a very large and complex structure, as simple and effective as possible. I consider myself extremely lucky and fortunate that she handles our account. On top of everything else she is easily the nicest vendor I have ever dealt with.” 

Larry Cooney Jr.

Manager of Technology, Development & Training Operations

Janssen Pharmaceuticals


“Really – incredibly responsive to our business and our quick business needs.“,

Marlaina Capes

Director of Learning and Development

Washington Federal

Includes All international toll-free for $39* Month


  • Includes All International Toll-Free, Local, Dial-Out Phone Conference Calls!
  • Mission Critical Global Provider
  • Flat Rate Per Month as low as $39
  • Includes Web & Video Conferencing, Phone & VoIP
  • HTML5 Technology
  • Screen Share
  • File Share
  • Software Demos, Internal, Customer & Prospect Meetings
  • Recording|Archives Included
  • *New Customer with a Minimum Number of Accounts.  
  • Full International Country Listing.  
  • No USF Gov't Fee (Savings of 24.4% as of 3rd Quarter 2019)

Operator Managed Calls


  • Operators Run & Manage the Call
  • Capacity:  Thousands
  • Operators Greet Callers or Passcode Entry
  • Operators Gather Contact Information for Post Conference Report
  • Operators Read your Introduction 
  • Operators Introduce your Speaker(s)
  • Operator Manage Polling
  • Operator Manages the Q&A
  • Bundled Pricing with Special Rates
  • We WAIVE Providers Revenue Enhancing Costs!

About Us

We Promise to SAVE you Money!

At CCRS, we promise to save you money on your video conferencing, and conference calls as well as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and Business Phone Systems..  In addition to securing special pricing, we proactively waive revenue enhancing fees to include "Per Conference Minimums" and "Service Fees".