Server Based Skype Conference Call

Server Based Skype Audio

server based skype integrated phone conferencing

  • Reduce your Server Based Skype for Business network, server, and software costs by leveraging the advanced call routing, meshed network audio carrier network
  • Seamlessly integrates world-class global phone conferencing into your Skype Server,  fully independent of Microsoft Audio Conferencing 
  • Single, Unified User Experience.
  • Outlook One-Click Scheduling of Skype for Business Meetings with Integrated Audio
  • Host controls in your Skype Conference Call: Mute, Unmute, Dismiss, Close Conference
  • US and Global Phone Conferencing Countries: 160+ Access Points across 60+ countries
  • Callers use International Toll-Free or Local Dial-In, plus US & International Dial-Out phone conferencing.
  • Built-In Fraud Protection
  • Crystal-Clear Audio Quality
  • Single Invite with Skype link and Integrated Phone Conferencing
  •  24/7 Full Support via chat, email, and immediate phone assistance by pressing *0 
  • Full Two-Way Communication between Phone Conferencing and Microphone Attendees.
  • Choose Per Minute or Bundled License Audio
  • Yes, Phone conferencing is automatically recorded in your meetings.

Each Host | User Receives His|Her Own Account

  • Per Minute or Bundled License Phone Conferencing
  • Dedicated US, Toll-Free, International Local Numbers and Dial-Out
  • Skype for Business Dynamic Passcodes
  • Same Passcode when used for a Call Series
  •  24/7 Full Support via chat, email, and immediate phone assistance by pressing *0  during your Skype conference call.
  • Record your Skype for Business Meeting and the audio is captured.
  • Record a separate audio recording:  Phone Replay or Download
  • Phone Keypad Commands for Host and Attendees
  • Phone Conferencing Capacity matches Skype Capacity
  • 300 Line Capacity for Audio-Only Phone Conferencing
  • Lock |  Unlock Conferences
  • Yes, implementation training included!


Q. What host controls does this world-class phone conferencing provide in Skype Meetings?

A.  All existing Skype for business controls are allowed for Skype users and for PSTN participants (Mute, Unmute, Dismiss Participants, and End Conference.

Q.  Which system handles the meeting recordings?

A.  Audio recordings are handled by Skype for business.  PSTN participants are also notified the meeting is being recorded in the Skype conference call.

Q.  Does this integrated audio phone conferencing provide the Call Me function?

A. Yes, with Server Based Skype for Business, the call me function IS available.  Also available are the US & International toll-free and local dial-in numbers.

Q.  Our company values immediate support for all users and attendees, do you have this?

A.  Yes we do.  Skype for Business Users and Attendees may press *0 to speak immediately with a phone conferencing support person at no charge.  The conversation is private so it does not disrupt the meeting.  There are also Chat and Email Support options.  We have you covered.

Q. Server Based Skype for Business Integration Costs?

A. Fees quoted will be based on server requirements

Q. How do I contact your company about this Skype for Business Phone Conferencing?

A. Call 888-269-8881 or Email