Up to 1,000 People on a Call!

cost saving Large Conference Calls



Conferencing Providers automatically schedule large calls under their Operator Assisted Platform at $0.16 to $0.49 per minute.   We schedule these calls with an Outstanding Conferencing Provider for 3.9 cents per minute!  Yes, under 4 cents per minute!   



An Operator will be in attendance to begin the Auto Q&A when you designate. The operator announces that the Q&A will begin and if participants would like to ask a question to press a phone keypad command.  Each person will be brought into the call to ask their question in order.



  • Up to 1,000 People on a Call
  • Participants Lines are Muted
  • US Toll-Free:  $0.039/Minute/Person
  • US Toll:  $0.033/Minute
  • Operator Managed Question & Answer: $95/Hour
  • Online Call Viewer/Manager
  • Record your Call
  • CD | File Download $30
  • Phone Replay: $0.039/Minute
  • No Set-Up Fees
  • No "Unused Line Fees"
  • No "No Show Fees"
  • No Minimums
  • No Commit


Our Provider:  400 people x 60 minutes x $0.039 a minute = $936

Operator for Q&A:  $95 (Optional, if Needed)

Total Cost:  $1031

Competitor Using an Operator Assisted Call:

400 people x 60 minutes x $0.16 = $3840.00 (Did we mention this could be up to $0.49/minute?)

Set-Up Fee:  $75

Unused Line Fee | No Show Fee:  $85

Total Cost Projected with a Competitor :  Approximately $4000

Note this is only an example and your Operator Assisted Call could cost MORE

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Large Capacity Conference Calls
Large Capacity Conference Calls

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