Video, Web, Phone, VoIP Conferencing with a low Flat Rate Per Month/Host Includes ALL International Toll-Free, International Local City Dial-In, and International Dial-Out.   No Overages.  No Per Minute Fees Added.   

Includes All International Toll-Free Video Meetings

Video, Web, Audio Meetings | All CounTRIES | TOLL-FREE | DIAL-OUT | LOCAL| Voip

International Phone Conferencing

 As low as $39*/Month/User

  • Advantage:   Includes International Toll-Free, International Local Dial-In, & International Dial-Out.  No Additional Per Minute Costs and No Overages!  Yes, it is All Included!
  • Join by Phone or Mic
  • No International Per Minute Charges
  • No Overages
  • Request a Free Trial Account Below
  • No USF Fees!  (Savings of 21.2% as of Jan 2020) 
  • No Telecom Surcharge
  • *Minimum License Requirement
  • Included Countries Listed Below

Audio Features

  • HD Audio
  • US & International Conferencing
  • All-Inclusive International Toll-Free, Local City Dial-In, and International Dial-Out
  • 300 Line Capacity for Audio Only Calls
  • Dial-Out & Dial-In Phone options
  • Active Talker highlights the Person Talking
  • VoIP | Microphone Headsets
  • Phone Audio Integrates with Adobe Connect and/or WebEx with 300 Line Capacity
  • Audio Fair Use Condition 10,000 minutes (166.6 hours) Per Month/Per User
  • Complete Country Listing Below

Web & Video Features

  • Mission Critical Global Provider
  • Unlimited Usage Web
  • Flat Rate Per Month (Annual Commit)
  • Web, Video, & Audio Conferencing
  • Unlimited Meetings for up to 125 Participants
  • International Dial-In or Dial-Out for Hosts and Attendees
  • One-Click Meeting Entry from any device
  • Hosts receive a dedicated meeting room & web address
  • HD Multipoint Video
  • Up to 6 Meeting Participants can show Video (Webcam)
  • Promote others to Host
  • Remote Control (Host can pass control to others)
  • File Upload & Share: PowerPoint, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel
  • Lock Meeting:  Web & Audio Entry
  • Share your Screen, Applications, Webcam
  • Cloud Recording:  No limit on storage!
  • Share Recorded Meetings
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Smartphone App
  • Users can upload a profile photo to display
  • Rich Native Mobile Apps
  • Hosts & Guests can access 24/7 In-Product & Chat Support
  • Support Local Language:  English, French, German, and Dutch, Press *0
  • Personalized Meeting Room
  • Dedicated Implementation & Training
  • 1 or 2 Year Commit
  • *New Customers
  • *Minimum License Requirement
  • No USF Fees  (Savings of 21.2% as of Jan 2020) 
  • No Telecom Surcharges


What if a Host goes over 166.6 hours in a month?


There will be No Additional Costs, No Per Minute Costs, and No Overages!

What if I have attendees from AFRICA, central america, and the middle EAST?


No problem, ALL International Phone is Included!

What if our company wants to add additional licenses


We simply add the additional licenses when needed; and this does not affect your commitment term.

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