Provide ALL of your Users full Video, Web, Phone Conferencing Accounts with International Dial-In for Over 72 countries and never pay more than $6000 for the entire Company!  Each meeting may have up to 1,000 participants!

Enterprise - $6000/Month - Unlimited Users!

Enterprise One Price - Video | Web | Audio Meetings includes dial in for over 72 countries

Enterprise One Price - Video | Web | Audio Meetings includes dial in for over 72 countries

Enterprise One Price - Video | Web | Audio Meetings includes dial in for over 72 countries

Video, Web, Audio Conferencing

Cost:  $6000 / Month / Company

Users/Hosts:  Unlimited Users 

Add New Users Anytime: No Charge, No Limit 

  • Provider: One of the Largest and Most Recognized in the World with Over 40 Million Users Per Month
  • Users/Hosts/Accounts:  Unlimited
  • Phone Capacity:  1,000
  • Web Capacity:  1,000
  • International Toll Dial-In: 72 Countries and Counting!
  • Features:  All Included No Upgrades
  • Branded Customized Landing Page
  • Recording:  10 GB Per User!
  • Automatic Recording or Manual
  • Unlimited Recordings and Playback
  • Screen Share
  • No Downloads- Immediate Entry
  • Customized Greeting Included
    • Initial Greeting Example: Welcome to "Your Company Name" conferencing, please enter your access code
  • Customized Music Included
    • Upload customized music-on-hold or a message that people hear prior to joining the call.
  • Active Directory to quickly locate team members
  • Calendar Plug-Ins for Google Calendar™ and Outlook®  
  • Mobile Apps for Android ™ and iOS
  • Use Any Device to Host or Join
  • 24/7 Support Included
  •  Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Admin Portal
  • Custom Implementation & Training
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Request a Free Trial Account

A Few Additional Highlights

  1. This provider has over 800,000 Business Customers
  2. Over 40 Million Users Per Month
  3. Many Customers are Fortune 500 companies!
  4. No Prompting to Upgrade! 
  5. All Features are INCLUDED
  6. Request a Proposal:  Provider Name is Included

Company-wide: $6000 with unlimited users.... or choose individual accounts $14.95

Enterprise One Price - Video | Web | Audio Meetings includes dial in for over 72 countries

Enterprise One Price - Video | Web | Audio Meetings includes dial in for over 72 countries

One Price Company-Wide Video, Web Meeings

Video Conferencing | Web Highlights

  • 1,000 Person Capacity
  • Unlimited Usage for All Users
  • High Definition (HD) Video
  • Active Talker Technology
  • Up to 5 Active Videos Displayed
  • Screen Share
  • Annotation & Drawing Tools
  • Remote Control (Host can pass control to others)
  • Chat
  • Cloud Recording:  10 GB per User
  • Automatic Recording or Manual
  • Share Recordings
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Smart Phone Apps
  • 24/7 Support

Audio Highlights


  • 1,000 Person Capacity
  • Unlimited Usage 
  • High Definition (HD) Audio
  • Phone: Local Dial-In Numbers for over 72 Countries
  • VoIP | Microphone & Headset
  • Control Audio Online
  • Active Talker Technology
  • Custom Greeting Included
  • Custom Hold Music Included
  • Audio Conferencing Network is the Second Largest in the World (Call Volume) and used by many Fortune 500 Companies
  • 24/7 Support

Looking for Individual Accounts?


Individual Accounts are also available:   $14.95/Month/User

1,000 Person Capacity for Video, Web, International Phone, and VoIP

All Countries Listed Below Included

Individual Accounts are No Term, No Commit 

1,000 Person Capacity for Web, Phone or VoIP


1,000 Participants per meeting

Are you limited now with how many people can join your online meetings?   What about the all-important All Hands Meetings?   The capacity for each Meeting is 1,000 People for Video Conferencing, Phone and/or VoIP!

Importance of International Phone Dial-In

We find that many Users and Participants benefit greatly by having the choice of joining using their phone during video conferencing.   With included toll dial-in for over 72 countries everyone has this option and it is included in the cost.   Some reasons that phone is preferred could be:  1. The participant's Internet Connection is too slow.  2.  They would rather use unlimited phone minutes rather than data usage.  3.  Possibly their headset/microphone is not functioning.   Whatever the reason, providing the phone option is an enhanced feature.

Over 72 Countries and counting

Other providers provide VoIP access, and possibly a US toll-number.  Other providers charge you additional fees for International Phone Access!  With our solution, you can have up to 1,000 people on your Video Conferencing Session with Phone including  toll dial-in numbers from over 72 countries and it is ALL INCLUDED!

one Price $6000 company-wide with unlimited users?

If your company is now paying $8,000, $15,000, $30,000 or even $70,000 or more for your video conferencing due to the size of your company, or the additional International phone costs you are paying, that is in the past.  The total cost company-wide is $6,000 per Month.

or you can choose individual accounts for $14.95/Month/user?

What if your company would greatly benefit by using these Video Conferencing Online Meetings with 1,000 Person Capacity, but you only have 5 or 300 Users?  These accounts are available now at only $14.95/Month/User.    Send us a message, and we will promptly reach out.  In a hurry?  Please call our direct dial toll-free 888-269-8881

Currently 800,000 Business Customers - Many are fortune 500

We represent the majority of Domestic and Global Providers, constantly seeking out the highest and best solutions for our customers.   This solution meets, and even exceeds our expectations on technology and price!   This provider has over 800,000 Business Customers and counting, many are Fortune 500 Companies!    Join the ranks, and become another satisfied customer.


Americas Toll Dial-In Numbers Included!


APAC Toll Dial-In Numbers Included!


EMEA Toll Dial-In Numbers Included!

If you need countries not listed, please ask. we do have additional countries available

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We are a telecom and conferencing consulting and brokerage firm representing the majority of Global and Domestic mission critical providers.  In our business model, our fiduciary duty is to our clients and not the providers we represent.  This affords us the opportunity to meet, and even exceed our client’s expectations.  As an added benefit, we are a partner in the largest conferencing buying group in the country,  enabling us to extend the most aggressive rates available.