Making $ense of Conferencing Terms

International Webinar and Conference Call

Webinars & video conferencing

 Webinars are Simply people from the same city or across the world meeting together.   These meetings include Adobe Connect, WebEx, Online Events|Presentations, Online Conventions, and Video Conferencing Services.  Screen Share is a key component, as well as Mic and Phone audio. 

Flat Rate Conferencing Licenses - The "How To"

A new and beneficial way to hold 24/7/365 Video, Web, Mic & Phone  Webinars.  Why try to use a free conference call solution when our licenses are so inexpensive.   24/7 live support too.  Ask for a Free Trial Account.

Enterprise flat rate company-wide solution

Your company no longer has to pay for each user for HD Video, Web, HD Audio (Phone & VoIP) Online Meetings.    This is hard to believe, but we have an offering through our company for $6000/month for Unlimited Users.   Yes, bring, 500, 1000, 3000 users all for $6000 month flat rate.  The technology will amaze and includes Toll Phone Dial-In for Over 72 Countries!

Adobe Connect

Feature Rich Web, Audio, Video Conferencing Service.  Did we mention that we can waive the set-up fees for Adobe Connect?  Special pricing is readily available through us.  Ask for a Free Trial of Adobe Connect.

Large WebCasts & Live Streaming

A Large Video, Web, Audio Presentation with up to 10,000 people.  Ask for a Free Demo.

Skype Conference Call

Integrated US & International Skype Conference Call with 24/7 Live Support.

Audio Conference Terms


conference call | Teleconference

 Connecting multiple people on one phone call numbering from 3 to thousands.  Use any device, smart phone or polycom to join.  Ask for a Free Trial Account.

How to Make a Conference Call

  1. Host and Presenters will call into the toll-free number for their country and when voice prompted, will enter the conference code designated for the host.
  2. Participants and Attendees will dial into the toll-free number for their country and when voice prompted, will input the participant conference code.  This will be a free call for participants (other an used minutes, if using a cell phone.)
  3. The host will have numerous phone keypad commands to manage their call.
  4. Everyone can access an operator for assistance at no charge by pressing *0

Free Conference Call

 Connecting multiple people on a phone call at no charge. 

operator assisted | Managed Calls

 Scheduled conference call with Operators answering and managing the call.  Three to thousands of people.  Operator Managed Q&A, Operator Managed Polling.  Post Conference Reports.  Ask for a Trial Call.

Large Capacity Conference Calls

Available through us, Large Capacity (up to 1,000 people) automated conference calls for under 4 cents per minute with toll-free dial in.  As an added bonus, we will show you how to add an operator to monitor the call for a nominal fee!  

Automated | reservationless VS. Operator Assisted

Automated | Reservationless Conferencing is available to the account holder 24/7/365 with No Reservations.

  • Capacity is usually 125 to 300
  • The host has phone keypad commands to manage the call.
  • We have special pricing for both the per minute or flat rate accounts.

Operator Assisted | Managed Calls are Scheduled calls mainly for high touch Calls.  

  • Operators greet everyone and can take the Name, Email, Phone or other pertinent information.
  • Operators have a private conversation with presenters to discuss the flow of the call
  • Operator Introduces the Presenter(s)
  • Operators conduct the Question and Answer Session as well as Polling.


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