Adobe Connect with No Set-Up Fees - Fully Integrated Phone

Adobe Connect | Fully Integrated Phone

Dial-Out, Dial-In, Two Way Communication

Adobe Connect - No Set-Up Fees

As we represent the majority of US and Global Providers, we have the ability to establish Adobe Connect accounts for your company or organization with Set-Up Fees Waived.

Adobe Connect Licenses - No Set-Up Fees - Company-Wide or Per User

  • Online Meetings
  • Video
  • Show Web Cams
  • Share your Screen, PowerPoints, or PDF docs
  • Whiteboard with Annotation Tools
  • Promote others to Host or Presenter
  • Polling
  • Q&A Pod
  • Chat
  • Manage|Control VoIP and Phone Audio

We also have Fully Integrated US and International Phone Audio for both Cloud Based Adobe Connect or On-Premise Server Based Adobe Connect.

Phone Audio Integrates with Adobe Connect and/or WebEx

  • Let's face it, we all have presenters and attendees that need to join by a phone conference call possibly because they are "technically challenged", non-functioning mic, would rather use their unlimited minutes rather than their data, or at a location where their bandwidth doesn't allow for them to hear the buffering audio.  We have the solutions!

  • We have fully integrated audio for both Cloud|Hosted Adobe Connect or On-Premise|Server Based Adobe Connect!

  • Two-Way Communication between Phone and Microphone Users
  • Choose per minute or flat rate audio to meet your budget
  • From within the meeting room, use dial-in, dial-out to both the US and Internationally.   
  • Go forth and use the Breakout Rooms, the audio will follow each person.
  • Host can view and manage the audio from within the meeting room.
  • Easily identify where noise is coming from and Mute Individual phone lines
  • Increase or decrease individual phone audio for presenters or attendees
  • Host has the online controls to easily dial out to presenters and attendees too!
  • Audio automatically follows into Breakout Rooms.
  • Phone audio is automatically recorded in your meetings.
  • Adobe Connect or WebEx. 
  • Did we mention we can also secure your Adobe Connect with NO SET -UP FEES!  
  • Ask for a Free Trial Account

Special Pricing Per Minute or Flat Rate Unlimited Usage

Special Pricing on the Per Minute or Flat Rate Per Month. 

  • Special Alert:  Now Available, Phone International Toll-Free Dial-In and Dial-Out for $39/month/host

Each Host|User Receives His|Her Own Account

  • Dedicated Toll-Free US & International Dial-In, Dial-Out Conference Calls
  • Persistent Conference Code (or create additional codes)
  • Available 24/7
  • Immediate Phone Support by Pressing *0 (No Charge)
  • Record your Web Meeting and the audio is captured.
  • Record a separate audio recording:  Phone Replay or Download
  • Phone Keypad Commands
  • 125 or 300 Line Capacity
  • Lock|Unlock Conferences
  • Yes, implementation training included!

Phone Integration for On-Premise Server Based Adobe Connect

So you are looking for Fully Integrated Phone Conference Calls for your On-Premise |Server Based Adobe Connect?  Look no further...

Full Phone Integration for On-Premise Adobe Connect

We have the SIP trunking company with NO per minute cost!

Instructions for On-Premise Adobe Connect SIP trunking included. 

Full Two-Way Communication between Phone and Microphone Users

Record your Meetings

Broadcast Audio over computer speakers

Choose "Per Minute Pricing" or "Flat Rate  Usage Accounts"

Yes, International is Included.

Simply Call 888-269-8881 or Send an Email to

We Waive Per Conference Minimums & Service Fees

  1. We waive "Revenue Enhancing Fees" for our customers.
  2. No Set-Up Fees
  3. No Per Conference Call Minimums
  4. No Conference Call Short Fall Fees
  5. No Service Fees