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Adobe Connect Integrated Phone

Adobe Connect Licenses | no set up fees

As we represent the majority of US and Global Providers, we have the ability to establish Adobe Connect accounts for your company or organization with NO Set-Up Fees.

Adobe Connect Licenses - No Set-Up Fees - Company-Wide or Per User


  • Unlimited and customizable meeting rooms.
  • Multiple meeting rooms per user.
  • Breakout sessions within a meeting.
  • VoIP.
  • Audio and video conferencing.
  • Meeting recording.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Notes, chat, and whiteboards.
  • User management, administration, and reporting
  • Polling
  • Q&A
  • Central content library
  • Collaboration Builder SDK
  • Mobile App (Android and iOS)
  • Ask for a Free Trial

Phone Options

Per Minute Integrated Audio

Phone for Adobe Connect

Fully Integrated Phone

Per Minute Service

Special Pricing:  $0.029 to $0.016

No Per Conference Minimums

No Set-Up Fees

Flat Rate International Audio


Fully Integrated Phone

Cost: $39*/Host/Month 

Flat Rate INCLUDES ALL International Toll-Free

International Local Dial-In

International Dial-Out 

*Minimum License Requirement

Up to 1,000 people on the phone

Large Capacity Calls

Not Fully Integrated

Capacity:  1,000 People on Phone

Rate:  $0.039/Minute

Add an Operator:  $95

Record Audio In Adobe Connect

Display Dial-In in Adobe Connect

No Per Conference Minimums

No Set-Up Fees

Instructions for Phone in Adobe Connect

Please feel free to download our user friendly instructions for Fully Integrated Phone in Adobe Connect

AdobeConnect Integrated Phone Instructions (pdf)


Integrated Audio Features

Integrated Phone Features

  • Two-Way Communication between Phone and Microphone 
  • 300 Line Capacity
  • Dedicated Toll-Free Phone Numbers 
  • Available 24/7
  • Persistent Conference Code (or Request Additional Codes)
  • Record your Web Meeting and the Audio is Captured.
  • Record a Digital Audio Recording by Pressing *22 On Phone
  • Phone Keypad Commands
  • Lock|Unlock Conferences
  • Audio automatically follows into Breakout Rooms. 
  • Host Dial-Out
  • Host can view Phone Icons and Immediately Mute Noisy Lines
  • Increase or Decrease Volume for anyone in the Meeting
  • Immediate Phone Support by Pressing *0 (No Charge) 
  • Yes, implementation training included


 Looking for Fully Integrated Phone Conferencing for your On-Premise |Server Based Adobe Connect? 

  • We have Full Phone Integration for On-Premise Adobe Connect
  • SIP trunking company with NO per minute cost!
  • Instructions for On-Premise Adobe Connect SIP trunking included. 
  • Full Two-Way Communication between Phone and Microphone Users
  • Record your Meetings
  • Broadcast Audio over computer speakers
  • All Features listed to the Left are Included
  • Choose "Per Minute Pricing" or "Flat Rate  Usage Accounts"
  • Yes, International is Included.

$39* Flat Rate Fully Integrated Phone

All CounTRIES | TOLL-FREE | DIAL-OUT | local city dial-in

 As low as $39*/Month/User

  • Best Value
  • Advantage:   Includes ALL International Toll-Free, International Local Dial-In, & International Dial-Out. No Additional Per Minute Costs, and No Overages.  Yes, it is All Included!
  • No International Per Minute Charges
  • No Overages
  • Request a Free Trial Account Below
  • No USF Fees! (Savings of 24.4% as of 3rd Quarter of 2019)
  • No Telecom Surcharge
  • *Minimum License Requirement

Audio Features

  • HD Audio
  • Phone Audio Fully Integrates in Adobe Connect
  • Hosts have Full Control Over Phone Audio
  • Mute Individuals, Mute All, Dial-Out Worldwide, Increase or Decrease Volume, Identify Where Noise is Coming From, and More
  • US & International Conferencing
  • All-Inclusive International Toll-Free, Local City Dial-In, and International Dial-Out
  • 300 Line Capacity when only using Audio
  • Two Way Communication between Phone and Microphone
  • Dial-Out & Dial-In Phone options
  • Active Talker highlights the Person Talking
  • Audio is Automatically Captured When Recording
  • Phone Also Integrates in WebEx
  • Audio Fair Use Condition 10,000 minutes (166.6 hours) Per Month/Per User
  • Complete Country Listing Below


why phone audio?

Phone Conferencing for Adobe Connect

  Let's face it, we all have presenters and attendees that need to join by phone possibly because they are "technically challenged", non-functioning mic, would rather use their unlimited phone minutes rather than their data.  They might be at a location where their bandwidth doesn't allow for them to hear the audio.    

What we do for you


  1. Secure Special Pricing
  2. Waive "Revenue Enhancing Fees" for our customers.
  3. No Set-Up Fees
  4. No Per Conference Call Minimums
  5. No Conference Call Short Fall Fees
  6. No Service Fees

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